Three Hands-on Courses In One Trip (Endodontics & Aesthetics)
21 June - 27 June 2019

This combined postgraduate course progam aims to teach the participants new endodontics and aesthetic techniques which will help their practices to get perfect results.

1450.00 USD ( 1297.66 EUR - 8385.35 TL )
Fullpack Registration - Three Hands-on Courses In One Trip - 1450.00 USD
Fullpack Registration (Single Room Stay) - Three Hands-on Courses In One Trip - 1750.00 USD



This combined postgraduate course progam aims to teach the participants new endodontics and aesthetic techniques which will help their practices to get perfect results.

Besides theoretical sessions, the program includes many hands-on practices, workshops and demonstrations to help for understanding subjects.


Endodontic Course
• New Trends & Cutting-Edge techniques in Endodontics

Aesthetic Course
• Anterior Direct Composites - Create Your Own Composite Masterpieces
• Keys in Success in Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Istanbul Welcomes Sudanese Dentists...

This unique program also offers to the delegates an unforgettable week with social activities at one of most beatiful cities in the world, Istanbul.

You will enjoy incredible Turkish breakfast in the morning of your first day in Istanbul.

You will visit most important historical places of Istanbul with our experienced tour guide.

During your stay, you will have free times to shop for your families, friends and yourselves.

In your last night in Istanbul, you are invited to Gala Dinner which is prepared by well-known chef masters.

New Trends & Cutting-Edge Techniques in Endodontics

During this two days comprehensive endodontics course, the participants will realize the biological and mechanical objectives of root canal treatment and how to access the root canal system properly.

You also will
• realize how to manage glide path and how to shape root canal system properly
• be aware of novel NiTi rotary instruments
• be able to choose different  NiTi rotary instruments in clinical cases
• be aware of novel concept of different irrigation solutions and techniques
• learn how to fill root canals in 3-D
• learn the management of perforations and open apexes in clinical cases
• learn how to retrieve broken instruments and old fillings of root canal system.

Anterior Direct Composites: Create Your Own Composite Masterpieces

The rapid innovation of composite material in the last decade and the availability of various types of composites has given today’s clinician an extremely convenient and cost effective tool for their practice.

Direct composites provide the clinician with the ability to provide excellent aesthetic results with minimal tooth destruction in a very efficient manner. In this hands- on course, you will be shown how to achieve excellent aesthetic standards in your everyday dentistry using direct chairside composites. The course will cover clinical aspects of the anterior composite from choosing the correct shades to preparation tips, layering composites, and tricks on finishing and polishing. Handling composites correctly can provide excellent aesthetic outcomes, which will be shown using case examples in this hands-on course.

Using the palatal shell created from a silicone index and layering dentin shade on this palatal shell is a worldwide known technique. However, many clinicians are facing some difficulties. You will be shown how to layer with maximum 2 or 3 shades to have life looking restorations.

Further, the focus will be on finishing and polishing procedures to have both texture and lustre on created superficial enamel which may compete with ceramic restoration.

Keys in Success in Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Having a nice smile is the expectation of many of our patients. Porcelain Laminate Veneer restorations (PLVs) are the most commonly used restorations to meet this expectation.

Beginning with planning, the physician should take various measures to meet patient wishes and expectations. Analysis of the photo records taken from the patient, preparation of wax-up models as a result of these analyzes and application of mock-up to the patient are important steps in the planning stage of the process.

During this course, all stages of the PLV treatment will be explained in detail and discussed in different cases. One of the most important stages of the application will be focused on cementation, the complications and solutions that may occur after cementation will be explained on the cases with all aspects.

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