Orthodontics Certification Program (1-Year)
03 April - 05 April 2020

After completing this course, you can start with treating simple cases. Class I cases, some simple over bite and over jets. Also you will have some thoughts about Class II but you need to have some experience with simple cases first.

12500.00 TL ( 2130.56 USD - 1914.56 EUR )
Whole Program - 12500.00 TL



In module 1, you will learn the principles of growth and development related to orthodontics and develop skills in cephalometry and patient assessment as well as acquire knowledge of aetiology in orthodontics.

In module 2, you will focus on treatment planning of a range of malocclusions and learn the importance of record taking in orthodontics along with developing skills in bonding procedures and treatment protocols for a Class I case.

In module 3, in depth knowledge on a range of treatment mechanics and clinical scenarios will be covered such as bracket prescriptions, inter-proximal reduction, anchorage and deep bites followed by the planning of the retention phase of orthodontics.


Module-1: 22nd - 24th November 2019
Module-2: 17th - 19th January 2019
Module-3: 13th - 15th March 2019

Module 1 Topics

Rationale for Orthodontics 
Patient Examination
Classification of Malocclusion
Interceptive Treatment
Critical Appraisal

Module 2 Topics

Treatment Planning Class I, II/I, I/II, III
Fixed Appliances
Instruments and Materials
Bracket Placement and Ligation
Archwire Sequencing
Instructions to Patients
Treatment of Adults
Treatment Planning Exercises

Module 3 Topics

Risks of Orthodontics
Biology of Tooth Movement
Interproximal Reduction
Bonded Retainers
Bracket Bonding and Ligation on Each Other
Debonding on Each Other
Separators on Each Other
Treatment Planning Exercises

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Orthodontics Certification Program (1-Year)