Advanced Techniques in Dental Bone Surgery
16 November - 17 November 2019

6 Different methods about hard tissue reconstructions in atrophic and/or resorbed jaws and horizontal and vertical bone augmentations will be approached in detail.

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Advanced Techniques in Dental Bone Surgery - 8500.00 TL



From past to present, among the treatments towards replacing the missing teeth, the most successful and the most approved treatment by the patients has been dental implant. However, most of the time patients delay consulting to a doctor for their treatments. Implant application, which is extremely comfortable and easy, may turn into a very challenging test.

Treatment of resorbed jaws necessitates advanced knowledge and skill. The success in regenerative treatments gets through the augmentations carried out with the autogenous grafting techniques. In point of the fact that augmentation is depends on the skill of the physician.

During dentistry education, physicians do not have the chance to learn the advanced surgical techniques and this subject requires majoring. The best choice for the physicians who both have the manual skills and advanced in terms of knowledge and background and who wish to perform more intricate operations is to learn by performing the relevant surgical operations on the cadavers.

In Turkey, VESTA, the unarguable leader and the pioneer of cadaver applied training, designed the Course of the Advanced Techniques in Dental Bone Surgery to provide the knowledge and experience about this subject to the physicians.

The training which will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sancar Ataç and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seda Özturan, two experienced instructors who have international academic experience, will be performed practically on fresh human cadavers.

Learning Content

Throughout the course, participants are going to receive a very intense theoretical and practical education. In this two-day education period, participants are going to be taught primarily about the correct diagnosis and treatment protocol, and then post treatment, harvesting block bone for the treatment, fixation and occluding the treated area with the soft tissue after augmentation. All of the operations are going to be demonstrated practically.

In training, 6 different methods about hard tissue reconstructions in atrophic and/or resorbed jaws both horizontal and vertical bone augmentations will be approached in detail.

1- Crest Expansion (Ridge Split), Vascular Bone Flap (Island Flap)
Alveolar crest split is a technique which is used effectively to increase especially the alveolar bone volume buccolingually. Alveolar bone osteotomy is performed according to the principle of expanding the bone segments after horizontally performed osteotomies in the bone.

2. ‘J-Bone’ Graft
In extreme resorbed cases, by using the J-bone, both a vertical and a horizontal bone can be obtained.

3. Khoury Technique
Nowadays, the mandibular autogenous bone grafts, which are taken from the external oblique back part, are used often and successfully for alveolar augmentation by splitting into cortical layers.

4. Bone Ring Technique
In only one surgical operation, while increasing the height of the bone (vertical), extension (horizontal) is also obtained.

5. Nerve Lateralization
Because of the risk of damaging the Inferior Alveolar Nerve (IAN), bone resorption in the mandibular alveolar crests is one of the most important problems encountered in the advanced implant surgery. Transposition and lateralization of IAN for the implant replacement is an effective way to increase the vertical bone height.

6. Nasal Floor Elevation
Nasal floor elevation technique could serve as an option for bone augmentation to enable dental implant placement in the significantly atrophic anterior maxillary region with increased implant stability due to the its bicortical support.


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